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Expert chat handling, introducing suitable chat settings and their ongoing controls

What do you need for your effective chat service?

Agents — availability and speed

During contacts with visitors via live chat the method of handling contacts changes. The contact should be more direct and less formal than contact via e-mail or phone.

What is most important in live chat? The speed of reaction to messages from visitors! Internet users are not fans of waiting — the advantage of a live chat tool is that you can get answers to your questions and doubts instantly.

Administrators — marketing and UX (user experience)

The functionality of triggers is worth a try. They are designed to encourage visitors to contact an agent who can lead a customer through the sales / registration process.

To set triggers that will encourage customers to chat and will appear at the right time as well as to verify and modify them as issues arise expertise in e-marketing and user experience (UX) is required.

What do you get with outsourcing?

Professional chat service

We have a lot of experience in customer service and promotional activities via live chat. We have tested ChatoBee on various websites of different industries and, therefore, we know how to adapt the way of handling chat to the special nature of your activity.

Our business is not limited to serving inbound chats. We will actively encourage website visitors to chat and use your offer.

Knowledge of Internet user behaviour

Our team is a group of experts in e-marketing and preparing optimum website designs. We transform familiar mechanisms of marketing and consumer behaviour psychology to chat settings thereby making a chat window an eye catcher for guests.

In addition, we create triggers that display relevant messages after a customer takes a specific action.

Outsourcing of chat handling

You can entrust us with comprehensive chat handling — from adding relevant settings to having chats.

Setting a chat window design

Adding different triggers

Setting response templates

Control of trigger efficiency

Availability at specific times

Professional chat handling

Inviting online visitors to chat

Verifying chat statistics

On-going modification of chat settings

Updates and news

Consulting and on-going support

Reporting chat service results

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